Our Approach

The Garnett Wilson Approach

At Garnett Wilson we cut through the clutter and create positive outcomes for our clients.

The effects of incorrect information, or information delivered too late, can be disastrous when a client’s decision relies on it. At Garnett Wilson we rely on four key elements to aid in accurate decision-making, on time:

Thorough Due Diligence

Our clients can take comfort with the knowledge that the information they seek is present and precise in each and every one of our products.

Accurate Data

Many appraisal or advisory firms spend insufficient resources on locating and verifying the factual data related to an assignment. This is frequently accompanied by report assumptions and caveats which leave the reader wondering what level of reliance may be placed on the conclusions. At Garnett Wilson Realty Advisors Ltd. exhaustive efforts are made to ensure that the information provided to the client is factually accurate and has been considered carefully in the analysis and conclusions.

Timely Delivery

Garnett Wilson Realty Advisors Ltd. emphasizes the importance of timely delivery of every product that is produced for our clients. Whether we are preparing a report for mortgage underwriting or for use in a critical negotiation for acquisition or disposition, it is understood that our commitment to deliver on time affects all those involved in the process.


All client dealings at Garnett Wilson Realty Advisors Ltd. are protected by client privilege. Not only is this a mandatory requirement of the Code of Ethics and Standards of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, but is implicitly understood between our staff and our clients.